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May 21 17 8:21 AM

THE BOY IN THE BOX(The Fox Chase boy) - I have studied this little boys case extensively and I have looked everywhere for a long time to find out who he was.When I visited him at his grave I promised him I would not give up trying to find out his real name so we can put his name on his gravestone and I won't.I have come to 2 theorys and boys who I think he is.

1. Horsham Suspects - a mass night raid on a farm near Horsham, PA in September 1957 netted four persons who were questioned about the murder of the unidentified boy. Carried out by State, Montgomery county and Philadelphia police, the raid was made as a result of confidential information given to the Montgomery County District Attorney by an unidentified woman. The exact location of the farm and the identities of the six persons living there were not disclosed. After questioning, all of the suspects were released.

He is the little boy found in the picture at that farm.An informant had said he was living there at one time and not living there any more.
This lead is What I feel happened.This is based on my feelings only.It was my first thought.I am not usually wrong at my first thoughts.

2,Unidentified Pennsylvania Couple - In March 1957, a Manayunk, PA couple told detectives they thought the boy might be their 6-year-old son, whom they had last seen seven months earlier when he was placed in an orphanage by the Municipal Court. The mother said the boy "looks like him" and the father said he wasn't "too sure." A team of detectives later found the boy in a private orphanage in West Philadelphia.

This is where I feel my long investigation led me to.This is why.The boy in the box when he was found had an institution style hair cut.A dye was found to be put in his eye and the blankets were cut in half like they were from an institution,orphanage or foster home.The boy in the box was in ill health for almost a year. The Manuyunk Pennsylvania last saw their boy about 7 months before.I feel he possiblly got malnourished in the institution ,foster home he was put in.I feel the boy in the box was just changing care takers.There was no sexual assault on him.His bruises were all inflicted at the same time.There were no other bruises in different stages of healing.No broken bones.

The mother of the boy put in that orphanage said the boy in the box looked like her son.This really bothers me a lot.I cannot get past this.I believe her and feel the boy in the box could be her son.

I believe the boy in the Box died in a type of instution of some kind and he died getting groomed and in the middle of a hair cut and his death resulted from the actual hair cut.The more he fought getting a hair cut.The harder the person hit him to get him to obey and get a hair cut.

If I had to choose which one of these leads to look into.It would be very hard for me to decide which one.The horsham suspects and the little boy found in the picture at that farm is just my feelings I had of who he could be.very strong feelings.I am usually never wrong at these feelings.My investigation led me to the Manayunk Pennsylvania boy put in that orphanage.I need to know what West Philadelpia Orphanage he was put into.I feel DNA testing might lead to one of these boys that were early leads.I pray they please check them with DNA

So if I had to choose which boy to check I would choose the Manayunk Pennsylvania boy put n that West Philadelphia Orphange.I do belive DNA testing of these 2 boys will lead to who the boy in the box is.I pray they are really doing DNA testing and it will lead to who ever this sweet little boy is.

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